4Pillars offers private investment opportunities in 1st and 2nd residential and commercial mortgages.
The 4Pillars Advantage includes;

  • Investments are secured by Canadian real estate
  • Our history of placing these mortgages has seen a yield of 8% - 10% per year net of management fees (Note)
  • Investments are liquid as majority of loans have maturity dates 12-18 months
  • The mortgage security is registered directly in your name
  • Your investments are managed and administered on your behalf by experienced real estate and mortgage professionals, all income is received and disbursed from a FSCO registered trust fund
  • With our broad base of investors and lenders this provides opportunities for an investor to request the option to transfer out of a loan position
  • The investments are RRSP and RRIF eligible and 4Pillars has an alliance partnership with a CDIC licensed trust company to serve as trustee for self-directed plans
  • Income distributed regularly
4Pillars Simply Manages The Entire Process:
  • Underwriting and evaluation of risk
  • Meeting with investors based on their risk tolerance
  • Instructing solicitors
  • Collecting of mortgage payments, following up on any missed payments
  • Dispersing income to investors on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Should a mortgage goes go into arrears, deal with all htmlects of the recovery process
  • Managing the property until it sells

Many of our mortgages are participating mortgages where we would ask several investors to take a portion of the mortgage instead of one investor per mortgage.

This Strategy:
  • Reduces risk to investors
  • Diversifies investment over multiple properties
  • Stabilizes income as some of the investor's money is always invested
  • Allows an investor to invest in more lucrative opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise be able to

Minimum investment is $50,000

How Your Investment Flows

Your investment funds go directly to the borrower on closing. The mortgage security is registered in your name. All mortgage payments are administered by 4Pillars through their FSCO trust account and the payments are remitted to you monthly or quarterly.

Rate of Return (Note)

This is not necessarily a representation of future earnings. Mortgage-based investing, like all investing is subject to inherent risks. Key variables include interest rates, market values and the repayment ability of mortgage holders. 4Pillars maintains conservative underwriting criteria and continually evaluates the investment strategy to minimize risk. A principal of 4Pillars has long term experience in mortgage investing and has had no defaults and delivered competitive rates of return.